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Daniel Smith Half Pan Watercolours

DANIEL SMITH HALF PAN Watercolours - Perfect in their Imperfection, with everyone being unique

Many of our DANIEL SMITH half pans are made from very unique pigments, and with that have very different behaviours in how they dry.  Not all colours will look identical in the pan, you may notice some colours have a slight roundness or vary in some other small way.  We say the characteristics of a DANIEL SMITH half pan is perfect in its imperfection, with everyone being unique.     

Hand pouring pans is incredibly labour intensive but offers the purest form of professional watercolour half pans.  DANIEL SMITH Half Pans re-wet quickly and easily. All our watercolours are Professional Artist Quality, portable and easy to use. They are made to the exact same formula and exacting standards as DANIEL SMITH Watercolour in tubes.