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 The Graph'It Marker Range is the latest Innovation in Alcohol Markers with:  

• 158 colours chosen by the top Fashion & Design schools

• Cutting edge ergonomic design for maximum comfort in use

• First ever Blending Palette to create your own unique colours

• One great price

The Graph'It range has taken 2 years to research and design and appeals to Art & Design students, Crafters and Manga Artists.

Manga2COMP.jpgThe Graph'It Marker has 2 high quality, Japanese made polyester nibs - the first is a chisel nib and second is fine bullet nib, making them ideal for covering both large areas and finer detail work.

Each marker holds 4 grams of ink which is approx 20% more than many other leading brands.

The design of the Graph'It Marker is unique to this brand and is triangular in shape. Ergonomic studies show that a triangular shaped body is more comfortable in use, reducing tiredness and fatigue. It also means it will not roll off your table.

Coloured end caps with large bold colour codes makes indentifcation of each marker easier in store and when in use.

For stores that use EPOS each marker is labelled with an EAN barcode.

Graph'It Markers are packed in boxes of 3 and have a colour coding system as follow:

The last 2 numbers identify the colour saturation and lightness. Digits 3 & 4 identifies the colour family. For example

1110 is the code for Citrine which is a light yellow. So Yellow is the colour family and the last 2 digits 10 show it is lighter. This can be compared with 1180 the code for Mimosa which is a much darker and saturated Yellow colour.


To see a video showing how versatile Graph It Markers are follow this link  

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