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Pearlescent PanPastels & Mediums

Group_Shot_Pearlescent_Colors_COMPWEB.jpgIntroducing new PanPastel Pearlescent Colours & Mediums.

These new colours & mediums have all the properties of the original 80 colours, which means they are:

  • Super-blendable - mix like paint with original PanPastel colours for an infinite palette of pearlescent effects.
  • Highly Pigmented - for rich pure coloursl
  • Versatile - use on almost any surface, great for mixed media.
  • Instant - no preparation or drying time required - no solvents or water needed.
  • Erasable - very forgiving - correct / remove with any eraser.
  • Low Dust - “no mess” alternative to pastel sticks & powders. Cleaner, less waste.

PanPastel Pearlescent Colours are rich lustrous colours which can be mixed with each other and also with the original PanPastel Colours. They create beautiful shimmer without appearing glittery.

PanPastel Pearl Mediums are the world’s first true pastel (dry colour) mediums. You can create a variety of effects from a soft pearl sheen (fine) to a shimmering sparkle (coarse).

Use the white mediums to tint colours and the black mediums, to create darks and shades for rich, jewel-like effects.

  • £44.16 Pearlescent PanPastel Colours - Set of 6
    Set of 6 Pearlescent PanPastel Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Violet and Green. There are 2 interlocking storage compartments as part of this set which contain a selection of the Sofft Tolls for use with your PanPastels.
  • £46.98 Pearlescent PanPastel Palette Set 6 Colours
    This set contains : 6 Pearlescent PanPastel Colours, 1 x Palette Tray & Cover, 1 x Sofft ® Painting Knife, 2 x Sofft® Knife Covers, 1 x Sofft® Sponge Bar, 1 x Sofft® Angle Slice Sponge. The consumer only...