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Daniel Smith WHERE TO BUY



Artwrite Hythe:

Location: 90A High St, Hythe. CT21 5AJ 

Tel: 01303 261925 

Website Address: www.artwrite.co.uk

Ranges Stocked: Daniel Smith Watercolours 15ml tubes, Watercolour Sticks, Art masking and Watercolour Grounds


Artwrite Rye: 

Location 13A Tower St,  Rye. TN31 7AT

Tel: 01797 224428

Website Address: www.artwrite.co.uk

Ranges Stocked: Daniel Smith Watercolours 15ml tubes, Watercolour Sticks, Art masking and Watercolour Grounds


Calder Art Supplies:

Location: 5 Byram Arcade, Huddersfield. HD1 1ND

Email Address: contactus@calderartsupplies.co.uk

Telephone Number: 01484422991

Website Address: www.calderartsupplies.co.uk

 Ranges Stocked: Daniel Smith 5ml Watercolours, Art Masking Fluid and Watercolour Grounds


Cass Art,

Company Name: Cass Art Webstore 

Location Milton Keynes

Website address: www.cassart.co.uk

Telephone: 0207 619 2601

Ranges Stocked: Watercolour tubes, Art masking Fluid and Watercolour Grounds.


Jackson’s Art Supplies:

Contact Name Gary Thompson

Company Name Jackson’s Art Supplies

Location London Store & Web supply nationally

Phone 0844 499 8430 or +44 (0)207 2540077

Fax: +44 (0)207 254 0088

Website Address www.jacksonsart.co.uk

Ranges stocked Watercolour tubes & Art Masking Fluid. Watercolour Sticks full range


Ken Bromley Art Supplies:

Contact Name            Richard Bromley
Company Name         Ken Bromly Art Supplies
Location                     Bolton,& Web supply nationally.
Phone:                       +44 (0)1204 381900
Fax:                           +44 (0)1204 381123
Email address             sales@artsupplies.co.uk
Website Address         www.artsupplies.co.uk  
Ranges stocked          Watercolour tubes, Art Masking Fluid & Watercolour Ground

Lunns Of Ringwood:

Contact Name        Hiedi Killen
Company Name     Lunns of Ringwood
Location                Ringwood Hamps. Store & Web supply nationally
Phone                   + 44 (0)1425 480347 or +44(0)425 473335
Email                    sales@lunnsartstore.co.uk
Website address  www.lunnsartstore.co.uk
Ranges stocked   Watercolour tubes, Watercolour Ground & Art Masking Fluid 

Millers Art Store

Company Name: Millers Art Store
Location: 28 Stockwell St, Glasgow G1 4RT
Phone: 0141 553 1660
Website Address: www.millers-art.co.uk
Ranges Stocked: Daniel Smith 5ml Watercolour Tubes, Art Masking & Watercolour Grounds

Minerva Gallery

Contact Name:      Customer Servcies
Company Name:    Minerva Gallery
Location:                Bath. Art Store & Web Supply
Phone:                   +44 1225 464054
Fax:                       +44 1225 464054
Website Address:   www.minervaartsupplies.co.uk
Ranges Stocked;     Daniel smith 5ml Watercolour Tube range, Art Masking & Watercolour Ground

Northwich Art Store

Contact Name: Phil Bower
Company Name: Northwich Art Store
Location: 111 Witton St, Northwich CW9 5DY
Phone; 01606 42770
Website address: www.northwichartshop.com
Ranges Stocked: Daniel smith 5ml Watercolour tubes, Art Masking & Watercolour Grounds
Paint & Art

Contact Name:          Dave Hayes
Company Name:       Paint & Art
Location:                  Huddersfield Store & Web supply Nationally
Phone:                     01484 767243
Website Address     www.paintandart.com
Ranges stocked       Watercolour Tubes & Watercolour Ground


Pegasus Art:

Contact Name            Jane Fisher
Company Name         Pegasus Art
Location                     Stroud, Gloucs store, & Web supply nationally.
Phone:                       +44 (0)1453 886560
Fax:                           +44 (0) 1453 886706
Email address             info@pegasusart.co.uk
Website Address         www.pegasusart.co.uk  
Ranges stocked          Watercolour tubes & Art Masking Fluid.


SAA, The Society For All Artists

Contact Name:         Freephone Order line
Company Name:      SAA, society for all artists
Location:                 Newark NOTTS Catalogue & Web supply internationally.
Phone:                   Freephone 0800 980 1123 Overseas +44 1636 643575
Fax:                      0845 300 7753 Overseas +44 1636 643553
Website Address:  www.saa.co.uk
Email:                   info@saa.co.uk
Ranges Stocked;   Watercolour Tubes, Watercolour Ground & Art Masking Fluid


South West Art 

Contact Name:       Customer Services
Company Name:    South West Art
Location:               Old Fore Street, Sidmouth, EX10 8LP Store & Web supply nationally
Phone:                  +44 1395 514717
Email address:       info@southwestartmaterials.co.uk
Website Address:  www.soutwestartmaterials.co.uk
Ranges Stocked :  Watercolour Tubes, Art masking Fluid, Watercolour Ground

The Art Trading Company

Contact Name:       Sue Kemp
Company Name:    The Art Trading Company
Location:               Bungay, Suffolk, England
Phone:                  +44 1986 897939
Fax:                      None
Website address:  www.TheArtTradingCompany.co.uk
Range stocked:     Watercolour tubes, Art Masking Fluid, Watercolour Ground


TN Lawrence:


Contact Name            Martin Lawrence
Company Name         TN Lawrence
Location                     Hove Store & Web supply nationally.
Phone:                       +44 (0)845 6443232
Fax:                           +44 (0)845 6443233
Email address            artbox@lawrence.co.uk
Website Address        www.lawrence.co.uk  
Ranges stocked          Art Masking Fluid


Tindall's Arts & Graphics

Company Name     Tindall's Arts & Graphics

Location                King St, CAMBRIDGE Store & web supply nationally

Phone:                   01223 568495

Email Address      

Website address   www.tindalls.co.uk

Ranges Stocked    Watercolour Tubes, Watercolour Sticks, Art Maksing, Watercolour Ground & Dot Cards


 Truro Arts 

Contact Name: Customer Services
Company Name: Truro Arts (Cornwall Arts)
Location:             Truro, Cornwall. Large Specialist Art Store
Phone:                +44 1872 240567
Website Address: www.truroarts.com
Ranges Stocked:   Watercolour Tube colours, Art Masking Fluid & Watercolour Ground



Easy Aquarell:

Contact Name            Michaela Wallus (Midge)
Company Name         Easy Aquarell and Artsforcards
Location                    Web based, Germany
Phone:                      +49 178 2919303
Fax:                          +44 (0)207 254 0088
Email address            midge@easy-aquarell.de
Website Address        www.easy-aquarell.de
Ranges stocked         Watercolour tubes, Art Masking Fluid & Watercolour Ground





























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