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Daniel Smith Watercolour Paint Sets

Daniel Smith have introduced a small selection of sets that are ideal for gifts, or if you just can't make your mind up as to which colours to select. The colours in the sets have been carefully selected to enable you to paint and produce paintings.

  • £30.25 Daniel Smith Essentials 5ml x 6 tube set
    The new set has six x 5ml transparent watercolours. The pigments were carefully selected to give you a wide range of colours and values. When mixed together the colours you can create are endless! The Essentials set contains...
  • £33.33 Daniel Smith Primary Triad Colours Set
    The Triad Primary Set is an important set for students and new watercolourists, providing the 3 key mixing colours to form the basis of all colour palettes.This set when combined with the Secondary Triad set allows the...
  • £35.08 Daniel Smith Primatek 5ml x 6 tube set
    If texture is what you are after you are going to love DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek paints! PrimaTek Watercolours mix beautifully with other paints on your palette and bring excitement to the surface of a painting. They are heavier...
  • £30.83 Daniel Smith Secondary Colours Triad Set
    A companion to the Primary 3-Colour Set, and a beautiful selection on its own, the Secondary Set is remarkably versatile. Added to primary colours, you'll mix shades with greater tone consistency. Jewel hues complement one...
  • £36.00 Jean Haines' All That Shimmers Set
    The set contains six 5ml DANIEL SMITH watercolours that Jean has selected from the Luminescent Collection.  "A fabulous selection of shades that can be used in so many beautiful ways. Mix with existing watercolour...