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Leonardo Art Books

The Vinciana Editrice publishing company was first set up in 1976 by Floriano Bozzi, and ever since it has remained very much a family-run concern. Floriano Bozzi was spurred on by his innate curiosity for all kinds of painting techniques as well as by his wide-ranging experience in the field of drawings and illustrations.

With the help of friends and colleagues, he created the Leonardo Series of art books, aimed at anyone who, whether for interest or professional reasons, wanted to develop their knowledge of the more traditional painting and drawing skills. Very much aware of the budding artist's initial difficulties, and recalling the weaknesses of the first drawing and illustration manuals he himself had followed, Floriano Bozzi based the Leonardo Series on the humble principle of practicality, the aim being simply to help the learner. Three volumes on the basics of drawing, together with those dealing with anatomy and perspective, were the foundations on which the Series has grown. The first volumes were published in Italian, later to be followed by French versions, and German ones. Over the years, the Leonardo Series has been translated into a variety of other languages.

Greatly saddened by the loss of Floriano Bozzi in 1995, his family have kept his memory alive through the publications. His son has continued and developed the Series in line with the initial intent. Vinciana Editrice publications are now marketed in over 20 countries throughout the world, and some volumes have even been adopted as textbooks in schools and academies for the training of artists. Over the years, Vinciana Editrice publications have been renewed and improved. Premium Art Brands Ltd are the appointed sole distributor for the books in the UK.

The Leonardo Series has recently been enhanced by the introduction of "Leonardo Guides to Technique", a new series that delves deeper into aspects relating to anatomy. Two volumes have already been published, dealing with the study of human anatomy and horse anatomy for art students.

The publishing activities of Vinciana Editrice do not reflect those of large-scale publishers, moreso those of a family-run business who want to be associated with thorough, carefully-produced, reasonably-priced volumes. On numerous occasions, Vinciana Editrice have declined offers to produce new publications lacking in the serious, professional approach that has always been associated with the company. They have decided to focus on providing output, aimed at an appreciative public who value care and attention.

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Product Code Description MOQ RRP inc VAT each RRP exc VAT each Order Qty Invoice price
ISBN 978-88-8172-003-3 ANATOMY No.4 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-012-5 ANIMALS No. 13 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-011-8 ANIMALS No.12 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-042-2 ARCHITECTURAL SCENES No.43 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-027-9 BIRDS No.28 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-036-1 CALLIGRAPHY No.37 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-038-5 CARICATURES No.39 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-037-8 CARTOONS AND HUMOROUS DRAWING No.38 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-028-6 CHARACTERISTIC FACES No.29 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-043-9 CHILDREN No.44 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-029-3 DANCERS No.30 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-039-2 DECORATIVE PATTERNS No.40 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-019-4 FLOWERS No.20 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-020-0 FLOWERS No.21 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-021-7 FLOWERS No.22 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-022-4 FLOWERS No.23 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-010-1 HORSES AND RIDERS No.11 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49
ISBN 978-88-8172-005-7 HORSES No.6 3 £7.49 £7.49 £7.49

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