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PanArt Art Materials


Panart's mission to serve the global artist community stands on three main pillars: quality, affordability and respect for the environment.

With an in-depth industry knowledge and vast manufacturing experience in the art supplies industry, they have created a range of premium artists tools, that help to push the boundaries in art even further. Lovingly handcrafted and finished to perfection; each product is an amalgamation of aesthetics, functionality, skill, and precision.

Made in their ultra-modern manufacturing facility and conforming to international certifications ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 9001, their products have set new quality benchmarks

Artist Brushes

A comprehensive collection of brush ranges, which are a perfect fit for artists of any skill level.

Innovative design and materials, rigorous R&D and manufactured in a controlled environment, using state of the art equipment. Each brush is hand-finished with stringent quality checks to ensure compliance with exacting international standards.

Artists Accessories 

A fusion of aesthetics and functionality – Panart’s entire range of brush wraps, aprons, pencil cases, and tote bags serve a simple purpose - enhancing the artist's convenience.

Design led, functional and quality manufactured, their accessories range is comprehensive and meets the needs of all artists

Sketchpads & Journals 

Panart’s collection of papers are Eco Friendly and handmade from 100% recycled materials. Many with natural deckle edges and attractive covers. 

A wide assortment of watercolour, drawing & sketching pads in various sizes are complemented by high quality canvas pads in a variety of weights, sizes, textures and colours.


Product Code Description MOQ RRP inc VAT each RRP exc VAT each Order Qty Invoice price
PB7C Deckled Edge Handmade 200gsm Paper Lt Green 22X28cm (10 Sheets) 1 £5.40 £4.50 £5.40
PB4C Deckled Edge Handmade 200gsm Paper Skin 22X28cm (10 Sheets) 1 £5.40 £4.50 £5.40
PB1W Deckled Edge Handmade 200gsm Paper White 22X28cm (25 sheets) 1 £13.80 £11.50 £13.80
PB1C Deckled Edge Multi Colour Handmade 200gsm Paper 22X28cm (25 Sheets) 1 £13.80 £11.50 £13.80
PB2C Deckled Edge Multi Coloured Handmade 250gsm Paper 40X50cm (25 Sheets) 1 £41.64 £34.70 £41.64
SP04 Drawing & Sketching Handmade Pad 8x8" 200 GSM 20 Sheets 1 £9.25 £7.71 £9.25
LJ01 Embossed Leather Journal Handmade Papaer -6x8" 110 GSM 72 Sheets 1 £31.20 £26.00 £31.20
LJ02 Embossed Leather Journal Handmade Paper A4 110 GSM 72 Sheets 1 £44.15 £36.79 £44.15
HB01 Hardback Handmade Floral Sketch Book 14x11" 150 GSM 32 Sheets 1 £33.50 £27.92 £33.50
HB02 Hardback Sketch Book Deckle edge 4x6" 200 GSM 20 Sheets 1 £5.89 £4.91 £5.89
PK11A105 PanArt Painting Knife Birch Wood Arch 1 £4.30 £3.58 £4.30
PK11A104 PanArt Painting Knife Birch Wood Baguette 1 £4.30 £3.58 £4.30
PK11A102 PanArt Painting Knife Birch Wood Leaf 1 £4.30 £3.58 £4.30
PK11A101 PanArt Painting Knife Birch Wood Lge.Diamond 1 £4.30 £3.58 £4.30
PK11A106 PanArt Painting Knife Birch Wood Pear 1 £4.30 £3.58 £4.30
PK5ST001 PanArt Painting Knife Birch Wood Set of 5 1 £18.90 £15.75 £18.90
PK11A103 PanArt Painting Knife Birch Wood Sm. Diamond 1 £4.30 £3.58 £4.30
PK11A108 PanArt Painting Knife Birch Wood Trillion 1 £4.30 £3.58 £4.30