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Watercolour 5ml Tubes

Essentials_set_colour_5mltubesCOMP.jpgDaniel Smith Watercolours are now available in 5ml tubes.

The 5ml range consists of 88 colours and includes some of the fabulous Primatek colours that are handmade with authentic mineral pigments and Quinacridones with their pure, intense colour combining the power of staining pigments with the luminosity of the transparents. They also have the more traditional favourites.

The good news for retailers and consumers is that over 75% of the range falls into series 1 & 2 pricing categories, making them affordable and accessible to all.

We have an attractive merchandising solution to create impact and awareness in your store. For further details call 01926 492213 or email [email protected]

  • £9.00 Jadeite Genuine S4, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    This exceptionally beautiful PrimaTek® colour is made from the more strongly coloured of the two minerals known as jade, (the other is Nephrite). Used for eons in China and Central America, this gemstone now becomes a...
  • £6.00 Lemon Yellow S1, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    Lemon Yellow, a brilliant primary yellow, is the perfect pigment for mixing a range of hues when a clean yellow is necessary. This saturated, bright colour adds life to your work at full strength and washes out to a sweet...
  • £6.00 Lunar Black S1, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    Imagine a transparent black with an expansive value range and pigment particles which react like magnetic shavings attracting and repelling each other. Unique pigment properties make Lunar Black a radically reticulating...
  • £6.88 Lunar Blue S2, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    The fabric of the night sky glides off the brush in this heavenly new shade. Perfect for capturing a moonlit sky, inky as midnight, or diffused as the moon on water, semi-transparent Lunar Blue lifts beautifully, leaving...
  • £6.00 Manganese Blue Hue S1, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    This cool turquoise blue is ideal for creating form or indicating space. It is a medium-staining semi opaque pigment with wonderful granulating properties. A good substitute for Cerulean Blue, Manganese Blue Hue offers an...
  • £7.71 Mayan Blue Genuine S3, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    Mayan Blue Genuine is one of our new PrimaTek colours, this gorgeous green-tinged indigo nearly defies description. Long ago, it adorned the murals and sculpture of the Mayan people and was featured in their rites and...
  • £6.88 Moonglow S2, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    Water frees this amazing three-pigment blend to perform miracles. Watch and wait as Anthraquinoid Red floats, Ultramarine Blue settles and Viridian greys the resulting violet colour. Selectively blot and lift a surface wash...
  • £6.00 Naples Yellow S1, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    Consider non-staining lightfast Naples Yellow a bonus pigment. A true butter colour, this Cadmium Yellow Light with a touch of Venetian Red is made into a neutral semi-opaque colour with the addition of zinc oxide. Straw...
  • £6.00 Neutral Tint S1, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    Create Rich Darks and Neutrals with this fabulous and unique, dark neutral pigment that when mixed with any watercolor pigment produces glowing, darker values of that colour. Excellent Light Fastness. Low staining and none...
  • £6.00 New Gamboge S1, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    Unlike other brands, DANIEL SMITH New Gamboge is an excellent lightfast formulation. It's a transparent organic pigment from the yellow to orange zone of your colour wheel. More staining than Yellow Ochre and equal in...
  • £6.88 Nickel Azo Yellow S2, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    Use Nickel Azo Yellow where transparency and staining ability are desired. Try it along with or in place of Nickel Titanate Yellow and Naples Yellow. Light fastness: Excellent Low Staining Granulation: No Transparent
  • £6.00 Opera Pink S1, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    The most vivid of all pinks, has long been requested by DANIEL SMITH customers. A primary magenta with a hint of fluorescent pink granulation producing some of the most brilliant glowing mixes you have ever seen. Try mixing...
  • £6.88 Organic Vermilion S2, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    This semi-transparent low-staining deep orange is sometimes called Scarlet Lake or Rose Carthame. Oranges can be very difficult to work with, but Organic Vermilion, excels in handling and is a good option over Cadmium Orange...
  • £6.00 Payne's Gray S1, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    This pre-mixed colour is a semi-transparent blue gray. Highly lightfast and mildly staining, Payne's Gray is a cool dream in a wet sky. Use this pigment instead of Indigo, except where yellow is involved. Payne's Gray helps...