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Watercolour 5ml Tubes

Essentials_set_colour_5mltubesCOMP.jpgDaniel Smith Watercolours are now available in 5ml tubes.

The 5ml range consists of 88 colours and includes some of the fabulous Primatek colours that are handmade with authentic mineral pigments and Quinacridones with their pure, intense colour combining the power of staining pigments with the luminosity of the transparents. They also have the more traditional favourites.

The good news for retailers and consumers is that over 75% of the range falls into series 1 & 2 pricing categories, making them affordable and accessible to all.

We have an attractive merchandising solution to create impact and awareness in your store. For further details call 01926 492213 or email [email protected]

  • £6.00 Titanium White S1, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    Create pastel shades with a creamy, semi-opaque finish by mixing Titanium White with your favorite watercolor pigments. Although not opaque enough for full coverage, this watercolor can be used straight from the tube to add...
  • £6.88 Transparent Pyrrol Orange S2, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    This clear, dark, red-leaning orange thins into perfectly smooth washes. The colour is vivid and warm, lovely used on its own, and great in mixes. Try Transparent Pyrrol Orange with granulating greens or blues to create...
  • £6.00 Ultramarine Blue S1, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    Ultramarine Blue plots cooler and bluer than the more saturated French Ultramarine. Temperature aside, both blues have equal permanence, light fastness and semi-transparency. Ultramarine Blue is slightly less granular in...
  • £6.00 Ultramarine Turquoise S1, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    Semi-transparent Ultramarine Turquoise is the granular, low-staining "cousin" of Phthalo Turquoise. Use it when less stain and more granulation is desired, and consider it for an interesting, non-traditional glaze. Light...
  • £6.00 Ultramarine Violet S1, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    Ultramarine Blue pigment is "baked" to create Ultramarine Violet. It is an excellent lightfast pigment which flows freely, leaving slight granulation in washes. Ultramarine Violet is also low-staining. Mist damp passages...
  • £6.00 Undersea Green S1, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    An artisan's favourite, this exciting medium to high staining green blends French Ultramarine with Quinacridone Gold. The inorganic, sedimentary French Ultramarine settles and granulates while the organic, transparent...
  • £6.88 Viridian S2, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    Seldom used at full tube strength, this transparent non-staining pigment is an excellent glazing pigment and a portrait painter's essential. It's a cool blue-green useful in mixing without staining other pigment particles...
  • £6.00 Yellow Ochre S1, DS W/col 5ml Tubes
    While its mixing uses are limited, Yellow Ochre works well with transparent pigments. Try mixing transparent, medium-tinting Yellow Ochre with equally transparent, medium-tinting Viridian. Somewhat neutral, Yellow Ochre...